5 Tips from a midwife to you

Pregnancy is such a life changing experience and it can be overwhelming.  We all know where babies come from and how they got there (or I hope you do!), but apart from that pregnancy can seem like a bit of a mystery. More often than not people turn to the internet – I mean what did we even do without google!? But this so often ends up in even more confusion and fear. There is so much information out there but that doesn’t mean it’s right, or that it is right for you.

Turns out, us midwives, we know a fair bit about pregnancy and babies. We spent 3 years learning all about babies, and since then we have lived and breathed all things pregnancy! We are always there for you, no matter the question.

Here are 5 top tips for mums to be when pregnant:

  1. Stop comparing

Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Don’t try to compare your pregnancy and your experience with anyone else, especially when that person is a celebrity in a glossy magazine!  Try not to set expectations of how your pregnancy is going to go, things can change and this may leave you feeling let down.

  1. Talk to your midwife

We are here for you  and no questions is too trivial or too silly. You will have loads of questions so ask away, back away from google! And please, don’t be embarrassed. We know you’ve had sex, we talk about vaginas over dinner and seen so many haemorrhoids before we won’t even remember looking at yours.

  1. Don’t be rushed into any decision

We know that you have lots of choices in pregnancy and we want to support you to make a decision, but we can’t do that if you don’t talk to us. Midwives and doctors can offer you lots of advice and we can talk you through all your options. We will ask for you consent before we go ahead with any procedure or treatment. Make sure that you feel happy in your decisions and feel empowered in your choices.

  1. Trust in you

You may not be an expert in babies, but you are an expert in you! If you feel worried about anything the let your midwife know. We all get feelings that we can’t explain and we have to follow those feelings. As midwives we would prefer to give you and good check over and send you home feeling positive and confident then you stay at home worrying.

  1. Listen to your body

When you are pregnant everyone will have an opinion on how you should behave. If you didn’t exercise much before getting pregnant then now is not the time to start marathon training. But there is no need to lay on the sofa do nothing either. Being active in pregnancy has many benefits, this may just be your normal walk to work, some pregnancy yoga or swimming. As long as you don’t overdo it the exercise will have no bad effects on you or your baby. You may also have periods where you do feel a bit tired and fed up. Those are definitely the days to cuddle up on the sofa!

If you have any other tips add them to the comments below!

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