4 baby items that make life that much easier

When you find out you’re going to have a baby, and throughout pregnancy there is a seemingly endless list of things you “need to own. Some of these are overlooked and others “must haves”. I have put together a little list of items which are going to make those early days with babies a tad easier.

  1. Muslins – you can NEVER have too many muslins. They are my top baby item, and they have literally hundreds of uses for them. Bit of baby sick – grab a muslin. Quick game of peek-a-boo – grab a muslin. Baby food spillage – grab a muslin. Forget your baby’s usual comforter – grab a muslin. Spill prosecco on the table – grab a muslin! Plus, muslins now come in so many different colours, patterns and sizes so you can accessorise and be practical. As a parent of a baby your should be armed to the hilt with the fabled muslins.
  2. A well organised changing bag – for the first few days with your new baby you may not want to leave the house, instead have some well deserved R&R. But when you do head out and about the last thing you want to be thinking about is getting enough nappies, change of clothes etc into a bag. There are loads and loads of different bags out there, and you don’t need to buy a bag which is labelled as a changing bag. As long as it is big enough to fit all the bits and bobs in then it will be perfect. Pockets and sections are really helpful!
  3. Mittens/socks/babygrows with built in hands – New babies spend a lot of time with their hands near their face as the explore the world around them. And with their teeny tiny (yet sharp) nails this can lead to little scratches on your little one’s face. These scratches are usually absolutely harmless to your little bundle, but many parents worry. Covering the cheeky nails with socks or mittens can solve this! Some babygrows also have built in mittens which can make life a little easier.
  4. Nightlight/dim lamp – your new baby doesn’t understand that we like to sleep at night, in fact babies may prefer night time as they are used to the dark and, if you are breastfeeding,your feeding hormones are higher at night. Babies will need feeds during the night and having a nightlight or a dim light in the room will allow you to get to you baby and care for them without switching the glaring light on. Hopefully making it a little easier to go back to sleep.

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