The logistical nightmare that is your family visiting the new baby

In pregnancy you are the star of the show, people are always asking “how are you?” and saying how wonderful you are. This all changes when your bundles makes his/her appearance. Suddenly there is a newer, cuter version of you and everyone wants to meet them to have a cuddle and coo over.  In the melee of visitors, phone calls and snapchats it is easy to feel and bit lost and overwhelmed.

TOP TIP – Stay in your PJs. It may be tempting to get your skinny jeans back on and slap you make up on, but staying in your PJs will tell you guests that you are resting. (This is a tip passed down through my family for years)

When you visitors do come over, don’t be afraid to sit down and let them do things for you. Most of us are capable of making tea and loading the dishwasher and if they are your friends/family then they shouldn’t mind doing you a favour. Plus, babies don’t actually do much, and when the are awake the will probably thinking about food. So giving your visitors little tasks will keep all of you occupied.

Some people are super organised and will have batch cooked and have a freezer full of food. Others, and if your like me, will be winging it day by day. Don’t be afraid to ask people to bring you some food, again, if they love you they will gladly pick you up a £4 lasagne from tesco on the way. Even if you are organised and have food ask for cake!

TOP TIP – Have a “I’m done now” signal between you and your partner/support person. That way they will know if you are starting to feel overwhelmed and need them to step in and escort everyone out.

It may be tempting to invite everyone around on the same day to get it over and done with, but this can be overwhelming, so it may be best to spread your visitors out across a few days. Then you know that you can chill out for at least part of the day. Don’t underestimate the importance of those first days for bonding as a new family unit and enjoying your new larger family.

All in all, there is no way you can really control the visitor situation, you will just have to see how you go, and don’t be afraid to be firm and politely tell your family to bugger off!

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