The Rewind Technique

If you feel that you would like to start working towards relieving the negative emotions you feel about your birth then the first step is to contact me, either via phone or email. During this phone/email conversation I will ask for a bit of information about your birth experience.

We will then have our first session together either in the comfort of your own home or at the Club on Estcourt Road in Salisbury. This session is a chance for you to tell me how the symptoms have been affecting you, and if you wish, to tell me about the birth. If at any point you feel uncomfortable we will have a break, and you only have to tell me your story if you want to. I will listen without judgement or commentary, this will be a safe place to talk about your feelings and experiences. Then I will ask you to scale your emotions, how much distress they are causing you on a daily basis. You will then work out how you would like to feel after the treatment. We will end the session with a lovely relaxation and you will come away feeling lighter and calmer.

Our second session will start by revisiting the emotional scale and how you would like to feel afterwards. I will explain the steps of the treatment and ensure you are happy to continue.

The 3 steps of the rewind technique are:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Recalling the event in a specific way whilst feeling safe and secure
  • Imagining yourself in the future responding in a different way, coping with the emotions and the memories

You should feel lighter and more positive immediately following the relaxation and rewind technique.

On the third session we will be a week after the second and we will catch up on how you and feeling and how effective you think the therapy has been. If necessary we can repeat the technique (although me and other therapists have never experienced this).

Three Step Rewind Technique £75 + mileage at 45p per mile (if more than 5 miles from SP2 0BW)

The 3 stage technique


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